Impact of Citizen Participation on Decision Making in a  Knowledge Intensive Policy Field

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Please find in this section the detailed results of our case studies.

Erich Griessler:
Report Case Study Austria (569 KB)

Edna Einsiedel, Mavis Jones, Meaghan Brierley:
Report Case Study Canada (1 MB)

Janus Hansen:
Report Case Study Denmark (498 KB)

Erich Griessler, Anna Pichelstorfer, Karina Weitzer, Peter Biegelbauer:
The Challenge of Public Participation in a Multilevel System:
EU Xenotransplantation Policies
(524 KB)

Erich Griessler, Alexander Lang, Ingrid Metzler, Vera Truttmann:
Xenotransplantation Policies: Italy and the Holy See (823 KB)

Aivita Putniņa, Jekaterina Kalēja:
Report Case Study Latvia (781 KB)

Wytske Versteeg, Anne Loeber:
Report Case Study Netherlands (894 KB)

Erich Griessler:
OECD Xenotransplantation Policies and Public Participation (717 KB)

Kristofer Hansson, Susanne Lundin:
Report Case Study Sweden (1,1 MB)

Erich Griessler:
Xenotransplantation Policy and
Participatory Technology Assessment in Switzerland
(659 KB)

Nik Brown and Siân M. Beynon-Jones:
Report Case Study UK (909 KB)